The $1 credit Card Verification Scam
I have long believed that this is a scam. Now I have confirmed and
figured it out. I called Home Despot and they said they do not receive
the $1. Then I called the credit card fraud dept. and they confirmed
that Home Despot does not receive the $1 and that it was just card
verification. (What Home Despot said) I also confirmed that I do not
have access to the $1 for up to a week. I then asked, if I do not have
access to the money, who does? They understood what I was getting at,
but could not grasp the idea that it was a scam and said it was just
card verification. I said the card is verified the instant the charge is
made and there was no need to verify the card for 1$. They agreed that
the card is verified at the time of purchase and there was also no need
to do the $1 verification pending charge. They still did not see the
fraud and just said it was just the way Home Despot and some companies
do things.
Here's how the scam works. This is a very high level crime and everyone
at low levels must be compartmentalized and kept in the dark, even
security. Everyone is told that it's just card verification (Even though
it's unnecessary) and that's just the way things are done.
Getting back to who has the $1. Someone has to have it if I don't and
Home Despot doesn't. Well, the credit card company/bank has it and
here's what they do with it. All the so called $1 verification funds are
bundled together and sent around the world for 3-5 days or more country
to country, time zone to time zone in the Forex and Arbitrage markets
making tons of money. The pay off comes to Home Despot or whatever
company under the table off the books. The pay off could be in any form,
use your imagination, cash, drugs, luxury yachts, corporate jets,
white slavery, prostitution, all expense paid trips to Pedophile Island,
arms deals and on and on.