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Make Your Own Colloidal Silver for Pennies a Gallon

If you know what colloidal silver is, you know what it does.
We can't tell you, lest we be put in jail by BIG BROTHER. 

Parts List:

1 - 150 ohm 1/4 or 1/2 watt 5% resistor
1 - 6 -12 volt 55ma grain of wheat bulb
3 - 9 volt batteries - Optional: 1 Radio Shack 30v power supply #273-1668 may be used in place of batteries, about $22.00
1 - 9 volt battery terminal connector
1 - Small electronic bread board (optional)
2 - .999 pure silver coins or bars (must be pure silver)
2 - Small alligator clips
1 - Length of hook up wire (about 2 feet)
1 - 2 pint pyrex beaker or heat resistant glass


Snap the 3, 9 volt batteries together. This will give you a battery pack yielding 27 volts. Connect the resistor, bulb & battery pack in series, Connect about 1 foot of hook up wire to each end of this circuit. One coin is then connected to each end of the hook up wires using the alligator clips.
Clean silver to remove tarnish before using. Do not use chemical cleaners or sand paper. Doing so will contaminate your solution. Use an abrasive plastic pad such as Scotch Brite. Boil 2 pints of distilled water in a pyrex (heat resistant) glass or stainless pot. (glass preferred) Pour boiling water into pyrex beaker. Insert coins about 75% into water, being careful not to allow water to touch alligator clips holding coins. Let stand for 15 minutes or more, occasionally stirring with a glass or plastic rod. Allowing anything other than the silver coins to touch the water will contaminate the solution. Test your device by touching or shorting the two coins together. If the bulb lights, it is functioning properly.

After 15 minutes you should have a concentration of about 3 - 5 ppm of colloidal silver. 30 minutes will produce a concentration of about 6 -10 ppm. (parts per million) Note: The solution will turn a straw color several hours after you have stopped the process, indicating a concentration of 6 - 10 ppm or greater.

If the light illuminates immediately upon insertion of the silver into the water, the water is contaminated. Start over with fresh distilled water. If the light illuminates during the process, stir the water. If the light does not go out after stirring, you have a very high concentration of colloidal silver.

Store colloidal silver in a dark glass container away from sunlight.


Professional units are available from SOTA Instruments for about $90.