Health Tips to Save Your Life.

If it Contains Soy

Don't Eat It.

If it Comes in a Box, Bottle, Can or Package,

Don't Eat It.

If it's been in Contact with Plastic,

Don't Eat It.

If it's Genetically Modified,

Don't Eat It.

If it's been Irradiated,

Don't Eat it.

If it's Not Organic

Don't Eat It.

If it's Certified Organic by the USDA,

or the Organic Trade Association


If it contains wheat, rye, barley or oats

Don't Eat It.

If you must eat grains,

supplement with phytase at each meal.

Better yet, Don't eat grains

Grains Are Poison

Grains not only have a Phytic Acid problem, but also a Small Particle LDL problem which is what plugs up your arteries, not animal fat.

Read the book:

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

Weaton A. Price