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MMS - The Miracle Mineral Solution

Chlorine dioxide can be used to kill "disease-bearing bacteria, yeasts, molds, fungi and algae", including MRSA and other deadly pathogens.

Use MMS & a sonic tooth brush to brush your teeth & in a water pick to get the solution below the gum line.

You will be amazed at the difference in your teeth & gum health.

If MMS is not available use the following:


Toothpaste: Vary quantities to your taste or needs.

Salt - abrasive & bleaching action

Baking Soda - neutralizes mouth acids

Cloves - Grind to a powder for sensitive teeth.

Hydrogen Peroxide - Rinse, kills bacteria, whitens teeth also use in a water pick to get solution below the gum line.

If available:

Ozone - Infuse water with Ozone to kill bacteria & use with a water pic.


LED Healing - They say it Heals sores and wounds 5 times faster and reduces pain.