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Magneto Hydrodynamic Well Water Treatment

Eliminate hard water problems using a simple self installed magnetic water treatment system. Effectively eliminates sulfur odors, iron stains and scale deposits on fixtures. Use less soap in your laundry, feel the difference in the shower & see the difference in your hair. Increases the efficiency & life of your hot water heater by eliminating internal scale build up. Eliminate the need for toxic or corrosive cleaners to remove scale from fixtures. No need to continue polluting your body with sodium or your ground with salt as conventional water softeners do. No more breaking your back, lugging in 80 pound blocks of salt into your home. has been using this system for over 15 years. All required parts except for magnets are available at your local hardware store. 

Parts List:
Whole house water filter:  Any good hardware store.
Return line and valve: Hardware store.
Filters: 2 to 5 micron spun or wound, hardware store. Do not use carbon filters, they will plug up rapidly.
Magnets, Inexpensive - 1/2" x 1 " x 1" neodymium
Magnets: 1/2" x 1" x 1 inch, 27mgo neodymium. Adams Magnetics - 800-222-6686
Install the parts as shown.
Regulate the return line water to about 15 gallons / hour. (1 quart /minute)
Bury or protect the return line from freezing. If the return line should freeze or the return flow stopped, rust will again appear on you fixtures.
Using just the magnets with or without a filter and no return line will cause sediment to form in you toilet tank. It will have the appearance of clumps of orange goo.